EnglishPod133 ‐ Daily Life ‐ Doing Laundry

A: Ok, let’s go through this one more time. I don’t want anymore ruined or dyed blouses!
B: I know, I know. OK, so I have to separate the colors from the whites and put them in this strange looking contraption so called washing machine.

  • contraption /kənˈtræpʃən; kənˈtræpʃ$n/ n[C]
    a piece of equipment or machinery that looks funny, strange, and unlikely to work well 奇怪的机械装置,怪模怪样的玩意儿:
    a bizarre contraption 一种奇怪的装置

A: Right. You have to turn it on and program it depending on what type of clothes you are washing. For example for delicates, you should set a shorter washing cycle. Also, be sure to use fabric softener and this detergent when washing.

  • delicates /ˈdɛləkəts; ˈdelɪk%ts/ n[plural 复数]
    clothes that are made from material that needs careful treatment 质地细软的服装
    fabric softener a liquid that you put in water when washing clothes in order to make them feel softer〔洗衣时用的〕织物柔软剂
    detergent /dɪˈtɝ​dʒənt; dɪˈtɜːdʒ$nt/ n[C,U] a liquid or powder used for washing clothes, dishes etc 洗涤剂;洗衣粉, 洗洁精, 去污剂

B: So complicated! Ok, what about this red wine stain? How do I get it out?

  • stain1 [C] a mark that is difficult to remove, especially one made by a liquid such as blood, coffee, or ink〔尤指液体形成的〕污迹,污点:
    [+ on ]
    There was a dark red stain on the carpet. 地毯上有一处深红色的污迹。
    remove/get rid of a stain
    White vinegar is great for removing stains. 白醋去污效果很好。
    wine/coffee/blood etc stain
    How do you get wine stains out of a tablecloth? 怎样把桌布上的葡萄酒渍洗掉呢?
    stubborn stains (=ones that are very difficult to remove) 顽固污渍
    2 [C,U] a special liquid that you use to change the colour of something, especially wood〔尤指木材的〕着色剂,染色剂;

A: Since this is a white t-shirt, you can just pour a little bit of bleach on it and it will do the trick.

  • bleach /blitʃ; bliːtʃ/ n[U]
    a chemical used to make things pale or white, or to kill GERMS 漂白剂
    do the trick spoken if something does the trick, it solves a problem or provides what is needed to get a good result 【口】奏效,达到预期效果:
    A bit more flour should do the trick. 再来一点面粉应该就可以了。

B: Cool. Then I can just throw everything in the dryer for an hour and it’s all set right?
A: No! Since you are washing delicates and cotton, you should set the dryer to medium heat and for twenty minutes.
B: You know what? I’ll just have everything dry cleaned.

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