EnglishPod132 Daily Life ‐ Mechanic

A: Howdy! Nice car! What seems to be the problem?

  • Howdy /ˈhaudɪ; ˈhaʊdi/ interjection AmE informal
    hello 【美,非正式】你好

B: I don’t know! This stupid old car started spewing white smoke and it just died on me. Luckily, I managed to start it up and drive it here. What do you think it is?

  • spew /spju; spjuː/ v
    1 [I always + adv/prep, T] also 又作 spew out/forth to flow out of something quickly in large quantities, or to make something flow out in this way(使)喷出,(使)涌出:
    Factory chimneys spewed fumes out into the sky. 工厂的烟囱向空中喷吐浓烟。
    [+ from/into/over etc ]
    Brown water spewed from the tap. 黄黄的水从龙头里喷出来。
    2 [I always + adv/prep, T] also 又作 spew out/forth to say a lot of bad or negative things very quickly 发泄,破口大骂:
    Groups like these use the Internet to spew racial hatred. 像这类团体会使用因特网来发泄种族仇恨。
    3 [I,T] also 又作 spew up informal 【非正式】to VOMIT 呕吐
    die on sb (=stop working while they are using it)某人在用的时候坏了
    The mower just died on me. 我用着用着割草机就坏了。

A: Not sure yet. How about you pop the hood and we can take a look. Hmmm, it doesn’t look good.

  • hood  2 AmE the metal covering over the engine on a car 【美】汽车引擎盖;同bonnet BrE 【英】:
    under the hood
    Check under the hood and see what that noise is. 打开引擎盖查查是什么声音。

B: What do you mean? My daddy gave me this car for my birthday last month. It’s brand new!
A: Well missy, the white smoke that you saw is steam from the radiator. You overheated your engine so now the pistons are busted and so is your transmission. You should have called us and we could have towed you over here when your car died.

  • radiator the part of a car or aircraft which stops the engine from getting too hot〔汽车或飞机引擎的〕散热器
    piston /ˈpɪstK; ˈpɪst$n/ n[C]
    a part of an engine consisting of a short solid piece of metal inside a tube, which moves up and down to make the other parts of the engine move 活塞
    busted  1 informal to break something 【非正式】打烂,打碎,弄坏:
    I bust my watch this morning. 今天早上我把手表摔坏了。
    Tony busted the door down. 托尼把门砸烂了。
    transmission [C,U] the parts of a vehicle that take power from the engine to the wheels〔汽车的〕传动装置,变速器
    tow /to; təʊ/ v[T]
    to pull a vehicle or ship along behind another vehicle, using a rope or chain 牵引,拖,拉〔车或船〕:

B: Ugh… So how long is this going to take? An hour?
A: I’m afraid a bit more than that. We need to order the spare parts, take apart your electrical system, fuel pump and engine and then put it back together again. You are going to have to leave it here for at least two weeks.
B: What! How am I supposed to get to school or go shopping? This is not happening!

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