ESLPODCAST150 – Volunteer Work

Some people say that it’s civic duty to “give back” to your community. That’s true but for me, I want to do some volunteer work so that I can feel useful.

  • civic /ˈsɪvɪk; ˈsɪvɪk/ adj[only before noun 仅用于名词前]
    1 relating to a town or city 城镇的;城市的:
    Jackson spent the day meeting with local religious and civic leaders. 杰克逊那天在与当地的宗教领袖和市领导会面。
    2 relating to the people who live in a town or city 市民的,公民的:
    It is your civic duty to vote in the local elections. 在地方选举中投票是你的公民义务。
    civic pride (=people’s pride in their own city) 市民对自己城市的自豪感

I’ve been working at the same job for years and it’s not at all rewarding. Yes, I make good money, but I never feel like I’m doing any good in the world. When I was in college, I had dreams of changing the world. I wanted to work in a non- profit organization that did relief work, that helped woman and children in need, or that had an impact on public policy.

I’ve begun to think again about those dreams and thought I might take the first step of doing some volunteering. Then, I can see if I like that kind of work and make some hard decisions. I called an organization that helped homeless children. I told them about my education and experience, and they said they could use someone like me to do some tutoring. I filled out an application and was fingerprinted for a background check. A few weeks later, I met my student and I tutored her for the first time. It was a great experience. I wish I had done it earlier!

  • fingerprint /ˈfɪŋgɚˌprɪnt; ˈfɪŋɡəˌprɪnt/ n[C]
    a mark made by the pattern of lines at the end of a person’s finger, which is used by the police to find out who has committed a crime 指纹:
    His fingerprints were all over the gun. 枪上满是他的指纹。
    He was careful not to leave any fingerprints . 他小心地不留下指纹。
    The police questioned Beresford and took his fingerprints (=made a record of them).警察审问了贝雷斯福德,并提取了他的指纹。


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