Day in the Life of Lucy学习第十天(完结)Episode10 – Getting Ready Bed and Going to Sleep

Episode 10 – Getting Ready Bed and Going to Sleep

I am feeling pretty tired by 11:00 and decide to get ready for bed. I go into the bathroom to take off my make-up.

I use a cleanser to wash my face and dry it with a towel. Then I put some toner (a liquid that you put on your face to make your skin feel soft and smooth)on my face and then some moisturizer(cream that you put on your skin to make it less dry).

I comb(has little sticks that come out of it, and we call those little sticks the teeth of the comb) my hair and tie it back. I don’t like getting hair in my face while I sleep so tying it back helps. I floss and brush my teeth, and am ready for bed.【tie means to create a little knot which almost like a little lock, when you are tying your shoes, you take the little strings in your shoeswhich is shoelaces – and you tie knots in them so that they’re tight. So, you tie a knot to keep a rope tight, to keep it from becoming loose.】

By this time, I am pretty beat(means you are very tired). I go into my bedroom and I get undressed. I put the dirty clothes in the hamper(also sometimes called a clothes hamper) and put on my pajamas(clothes that you wear to bed).

I take off my slippers(shoes that you wear inside your house) and pull back the covers. I check my alarm to make sure it’s on and then I lay down.

I have this same ritual (similar to a routine,also refer to a religious ceremony)every night, which I think helps me fall asleep more easily. It’s not long before I’m fast asleep.