Day in the Life of Lucy学习第九天Episode9–Cleaning and Relaxing

I am feeling pretty energetic when I finish my three cookies and decide to do a little cleaning. I take out a rag (mop, broom)and start dusting the living room.

I dust the TV and the lamps. I wipe the coffee table, too. The rug carpet is a big one)looked filthy (another word for dirty)so I get out the vacuum and vacuum it.

I pick up around the room and put things away. The bathroom needs cleaning, too, but by this time, I am starting to feel tired.

Mopping the bathroom floor and scrubbing the tub will have to wait for another day.

I turn on the TV( cable television) to watch the newscast, but I missed the national news. I flip through the channels but all I see are commercials.

My favorite reality show doesn’t come on for another hour so I turn off the TV. I put down the remoteremote control), and pick up a magazine.

I thumb through (flip through)it for few minutes and then the phone rings. It’s my best friend Marlene, so I put down the magazine and spend the half hour chatting with her. There’s nothing like (this is the best possible thing)a good talk with a good friend to end a busy day.

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