Day in the Life of Lucy学习第八天Episode8 – Eating Dinner and Making Dessert

When I get home, I change into my casual clothes and head for the kitchen.I grab my sandwich, a napkin, and sit down at the dining room table to eat.

For my birthday last year, my brother gave me some place mats (that you put underneath your plate)that have maps of the United States on them.

I have always been bad at geography so he thought he would be funny and give me something to study while I ate.

Of course, I haven’t learned a thing! I am still hungry after the sandwich and want some dessert(something sweet with sugar, for example, that you eat at the end of your meal. It’s what we would call your last course. After your appetizer and an entree, you can have dessert).

I preheat the oven and then take a package of ready-made 【If you make something by taking all of the, what we would call, ingredients or the
things that you use to cook your food, we would say you were cooking from scratch(if you start something from scratch, you begin it without using anything that existed or was prepared before)cookies out of the fridge that just needed to be baked.

I get out a cookie sheet (a long, flat pan that you can use to put things on when you put them in the oven,even when we are not using it to bake cookies)and put some aluminum foil on it. I always do this when I bake because this way, I don’t have to do any dishes afterwards.I could just throw away the foil.

Then, I shape the dough into circles, put them on the cookie sheet, and put the pan into the oven.After 15 minutes, I put on my oven mitts (like a glove to pick up something very hot)and take the pan out. The cookies smell great, but first, I need to let them cool.【A glove, technically, is something you put over your hand, and each finger you can move separately,With a mitt, you put your hand in and you can move your thumb, but the four fingers are all together inside the mitt. 】

After 30 minutes, I put three of them on a plate and the rest of them in a Tupperware container. I’ll take those to work tomorrow. That should make the day go by a little faster.

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