Day in the Life of Lucy学习第七天Episode7 – The Bank and The Market

Episode7 – The Bank and The Market

I left at work at exactly(precisely,Another way of expressing that is five o’clock on the dot, On the dot means the same as exactly at that time) five o’clock because I wanted to make it (means to arrive at the bank. “I want to make it on time” – I want to be there on time. )to the bank before it closed at 5:30.

Fortunately, it’s on the way to the bus stop. I get to the bank and I stand in line(means to wait in a line until it is your turn).

I fill out (means to complete)a deposit envelope (an envelope that you use to put money into your account,the opposite of deposit would be withdrawal)and sign the back of my paycheck(a check that companys give you that’s your money that you get for working at the company,They make what we would call an electronic funds transfer now)while I wait my turn.

When I get to the front of the line, I hand the teller ( the name of the person who works at the bank who takes your money and gives you money from your bank account)the envelope and I ask her if she could tell how much I had in my account.

She told me my balance and handed me my receipt. I ride the bus and the subway home.

I realize that I need a few things at the market(a store that sells food. We would also call that a grocery store) and stop at one on the way there.

I pick up a cart as soon as I walk in and go to the produce department to load up(means to get a lot of) on fruit, some apples and bananas.

I look around to see what kind of cooked foods they have. I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to cook tonight.

I pick up a sandwich and I head for the checkout stands. I get into the shortest line and the cashier(the person that takes your money ) rings me up(means to take your money. When you are at a store and buy something, the person figures out or calculates how much money you need to give them and they take your money. That is ringing you up).

She gives me my change and the bagger(a person in a grocery store or a supermarket that puts the food into a bag) hands me my bags. I walk the two blocks to my apartment and I’m ready for a relaxing evening at home.

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