Day in the Life of Lucy学习第六天Episode6 At My Desk and at Lunch

Episode 6 – At My Desk and at Lunch

I get to the office and sit down at my desk. I share a cubicle(a small space in a big office where you have walls that divide the different employees. ) with another employee, Jim, but he only works in the afternoons so we don’t usually get in each other’s way (you are interfering with each other – you are causing problems for each other)too much.

I boot up (means to start your computer – to turn your computer on)my computer and look at my agenda for today. I had about 30 new emails in my inbox but I decide not to read them right away.

There were some new inter-office (between two different offices)paperwork(Sometimes people use this expression to describe unnecessary forms that you have to complete that cause a lot of problems – that take a lot of time. Someone may say, “There’s too much paperwork to get a visa to the United States”) in my inbox too, but I decide to look at them a little later.

【There’s a joke in offices about putting paperwork in the circular file. circular file  refers to a wastebasket or a trash basket, a place where you would get rid of something -throw something away. So, someone may say, “Well, I’m going to put this in my circular file,” that is I’m going to throw it away. Of course, it’s not really a file. If it were a file, you would keep it in a filing cabinet. 】

First, I wanted to start in (We often use this verb when we are talking about a big project or a project that is going to take a lot of time)on a report that I had to finish today. I had a conference call at the end of the day with the head office, but I had most of the day to get it done.

Before long(very soon afterwards), it was the lunch hour(Some companies have a thirty minute lunch hour. Some companies have an hour lunch hour). I didn’t pack a lunch so I ask my supervisor (another name for your boss)if she wanted to have lunch together.

We head down the street to a sit-down restaurant. The hostess (she asks how many people are in your party, how many people are in your
group, The male version of this would be a host)shows us to a table in the back of the restaurant.【In very expensive restaurants – in what we would call fancy restaurants, restaurants where you have to dress very nicely and you pay a lot of money for your food, they sometimes have what’s called the maitre d’, a maitre d’, which is the person that takes reservations and shows you to your table.】

The waiter arrives a few minutes later and we order entrees(the main course, the biggest part of the meal where you would get, for example, chicken or steak or the largest part of the food you are eating), no appetizers(something you eat at the beginning of the meal, usually it’s a smaller portion of food. Perhaps you would have some vegetables, or in many restaurants, they have appetizers that are fried food – food that you put in oil to make them brown), since we need to get back by 1:00.

The waiter was very busy so I had to wave him down (you put your hand up in the air to move your arm back and forth to get someone’s attention,or you say something to tell the person that you want him to come over to you)to get the check. He brought the bill, and my supervisor and I split the check(means to divide the check; each person pays for the food that they ate).

We walk back to the office and I get back to work. Just four more hours until quitting time!

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