Day in the Life of Lucy学习第五天Episode5 – Taking Public Transportation to Work

Episode5 – Taking Public Transportation to Work

I like my job but it takes over an hour to get there from my part of town.

First, I walk three blocks to the subway station and swipe my monthly pass to get through the turnstile(a machine that prevents you from walking
through somewhere). 【In Chicago, they have an elevated train(elevated railway), which they call the El. Subways are usually, however, below the ground; they’re underground. In fact, in London, the subway is called the Underground or the Tube.】

I wait on the platform(the place where you wait right next to the tracks, which are what the trains go on) for the first express train(the train that makes the fewest number of stops, a local train would stop at all stops).

I get on and since it’s so crowded during the morning hours, there aren’t any seats and I stand, holding onto a handrail(a piece of metal that is in a subway train that you can grab onto).

At my stop, I get off and transfer to a second train that will get me to Union Station(a train station in downtown Los Angeles). This one isn’t as crowded and I manage to find a seat.

When the train gets to Union Station, I get off the train, go up the stairs, and go out of the front exit to the bus stop.【The bus stop is the place where,
you can guess, the bus stops to pick up people and to drop them off, or to leave them. The bus stop is like the subway station, but we don’t call it the bus station; we call it the bus stop. There is actually an expression, the bus station, but that’s a place where you take a bus to another city; that would be a bus station.】

I get on the B bus to downtown and show my bus pass to the bus driver.

I sit down near the front of the bus and when three more people get on board(means to be on a train, or a plane, or a bus, or a ship), the driver starts on the route(a list of the streets or freeways or roads that you take to get somewhere).

When we get close to my stop, I press the button to signal(means to indicate – to tell the driver that she needs to get off) to the driver that I need to get off and the bus pulls up(means to dive up – to go to. We use that verb especially when we are talking about cars or buses. Your car can pull up to the house; that means it drives up to the street where your house is and it stops. The idea of pulling up usually means go forward and then stop) to the next stop(anywhere the bus goes to pick up or let out people).

I get off and walk half a block (the area between two streets)to the building where I work.【Someone may say, “How many blocks is it to the train station?” You could say, “It is four blocks from here,” meaning you have to walk four streets to get there.】

It’s a long commute, but I look around every morning and I see that I’m not the only one who has to do it.【Some companies now allow their employees to telecommute. Telecommute, means that you work at home but you call the office to talk to people】

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