Day in the Life of Lucy学习第四天Episode4 Doing Hair and Getting Dressed

Episode4 Doing Hair (We may also say, “to fix your hair,” but the most common expression is “to do your hair.”)and Getting Dressed

I go back into the bathroom to finish doing my hair. Before I put the hot curlers(another name for a curler) in, I had put a little gel in my hair to give it some volume(means she made it thicker, or fuller, or bigger).

I also like to use my hairdryer to give my bangs(bangs are hair that goes over your forehead) a little more shape. I take out the curlers one by one and brush through (This is a hairbrush,when you paint there is a paintbrush)them into the style I like.

I finish it off with a little hairspray(The bottle that has the hairspray, on the top has a nozzle that takes the liquid and spreads it out ) and I’m ready to get dressed.

In my bedroom, I look in my closet for a skirt (a piece of clothing that goes around a woman’s waist )and blouse (a shirt that has a collar)to match.【The thing you put your clothes on is called a hanger, which hangs down from a bar – a pole that is at the top of your closet. 】

The office I work in is pretty casual (means to be less formal – to be informal – to be more relaxed)so I don’t need to wear a suit to work.
【a suit for a woman is a formal piece, or a formal set of clothing, usually with a blouse, a jacket over the blouse, and then a nice skirt or pants that go with the jacket; For men, when they wear a suit, usually they have shirt, pants, jacket, and a tie.】

On Fridays, we’re allowed to be even more casual so most people wear jeans and sweaters (are like very warm shirts )to the office, but no one dares to show up in t-shirts(that don’t have a collar that are very informal) and shorts(like pants but they do not go to the bottom of your leg).

I put on the skirt and blouse and open the top dresser drawer to get some pantyhose( a combination of a pair of pants and a sock).【in the closet, you hang your clothes often; in a dresser, you put your clothes in a dresser which is a piece of furniture that has several drawers, or several boxes that you can pull out and put clothing into】

I wish I could wear my tennis shoes to work, but I pick out a pair of heels (refers here to a pair of shoes that have a little stick at the back of the shoe that makes the woman taller. We sometimes called these high heels.)and put them on. I was ready to go.

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