Day in the Life of Lucy学习第三天Episode 3 – Eating Breakfast

Episode 3 – Eating Breakfast

In the kitchen, the first thing I do is (to)【主语中有动词do的某种形式时,表语不定式可省to】pour myself a cup of coffee (regular coffee, has a certain drug called caffeine, and Decaf is short for decaffeinated, decaf coffee meaning it doesn’t have caffeine.)and I add a little skim milk (regular milk, two percent milk with two percent fat, one percent milk, and skim milk with no fat. )and sugar.

My roommate usually makes a potjug) when she wakes up for both of us since she gets up first. I go the fridge to take out the eggs.

When I have time, I like to cook a hot breakfast, so I take out the frying pan, pour a little oil in it, and turn on the front burner on the stovetop.

While the eggs are cooking, (crack the egg meaning you open the egg,break the eggshell)I put two pieces of bread into the toaster.

When the eggs are nice and brown on the edges, I use a spatula (a utensil)to put them on a plate. Some mornings, I have to settle forI’m settled for something, they mean they weren’t completely happy but it was okay)some cold cereal or just toast with jam, but it’s nice to start the day with a sit-down meal (a meal where you take your time, a more relaxed way of eating)when I get the chance.

When I’m done, I take my plate and my silverware(the utensils that you eat with, the knife, the spoon, and the fork.) to the sink, where my roommate has left her breakfast dishes.

Since she makes the coffee in the morning, I wash the dishes. It’s a pretty good arrangement.

I put a little dishwashing detergent(dishwashing soap) on the sponge, scrub(as a verb means to clean, means to clean with using some
muscle, using some energy and force to clean it. scrubs as a noun, means the special clothing that doctors wear, especially doctors that are
during surgery. Often, it’s blue or white clothing.) the dishes, and leave them in the drying rack (where you can put individual plates
and usually a separate place for silverware, and you use it to dry the plates and the silverware.)to dry.

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