Day in the Life of Lucy学习第二天Episode 2 – Cleaning Up and Putting on Make-up

Episode 2 – Cleaning Up and Putting on Make-up

I share a bathroom with my roommate, which is usually not a problem.

We each try to keep the sink, the tub, and the toilet clean, and we have separate medicine cabinets to keep our things.

There’s also room under the sink for our hairdryers and tampons(a long, thin piece of cotton that a woman used during her period when blood leaves her body, and that is part of her menstrual cycle).

I start out by rinsing my mouth with some mouthwash before flossing. Then, I take out my toothbrush and toothpaste and brush my teeth.

I only wash my hair every other day so I put on a shower cap and don’t have to get out my shampoo and conditioner.

I like to take bubble baths when I have time, but on a busy morning, a shower will have to do.(it will have to be good enough)

I lather up quickly and give my legs a quick shave.
【Women in the United States usually shave their legs – they get the hair off of their legs. They’ll also shave armpit hair which is under their arms】

I don’t wear a lot of make-up to work so I just put on a little blush (a pink powder that women put, usually, on their cheeks. )and a light-colored lipstick, (so not very dark – a very light color)and skip the mascara(Mascara is a black or brown liquid that a woman puts on her eyelashes which are the little hairs that come out of your eyes or come out of what we would call your eyelid) and eye shadow(it’s powder that a woman puts on the eyelid).

I put a few hot curlers (women put curlers in their hair to make their hair more curly)in my hair and I’m ready for breakfast!

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