Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第十天(完结) Episode10 – Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep

Episode 10 – Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep

At 10:30, I decide to get ready for bed. When I was little, my mother would read me a bedtime story(fairy tales:a story about something that isn’t true, usually with imaginary characters.).I’m looking forward to having that ritual( is something that you do on a regular schedule or at a regular time every day or maybe every week or every month) with my own kids someday.

I go into the bathroom and turn on the tap(the same as the faucet). I wash my face, and dry it with my towel. I floss and brush my teeth.

I have to admit(means I have to say – to tell the truth) that by this time, I’m beat(means to be very tired), and so is my wife. She cleans up when I’ve finished up.

In the meantime(at the same time), I walk into the bedroom and get undressed(take off your clothes). I put my dirty clothes in the hamper (where you put dirty clothes or dirty towels,as a verb,to hamper someone means to get in their way – to prevent them from doing something)and I put on my pajamas(sometimes abbreviated as PJs,clothes that you wear when you are going to bed).

Wearing my slippers(a shoe that you wear usually just inside the house), I go into the kitchen to get a glass of water to put next to the bed in case I need it during the night.

I pull back (you pull back the covers to get into the bed, and then you pull them up to cover you again so you can stay warm.)the covers(the blanket, the comforter, and the top sheets), fluff my pillow(means to make your pillow bigger by hitting it very softly on the sides.), and climb into(the same as to get into bed) bed. I set my alarm clock for 6:15, and turn off the overhead light(a light that is on the top of your room – on the ceiling of the room).

I lay my head down and pull up the covers, kissing my wife goodnight(means to kiss them and, in a sense, to say goodnight to them.).

Some nights I have trouble falling asleep, but tonight, I didn’t need to count any sheep(an animal that you take the hair off of, and you use the hair of
the sheep to make clothing). I nod off(means the same as to fall asleep,Sometimes people will use that expression when they’re at a meeting and it is very boring at work, and you may say to someone, “I almost nodded off” – I almost fell asleep) right away and before long(meaning in a very short time), I’m fast asleep(means to be completely asleep,To be sound asleep also means that you are sleeping completely, it will not be easy to wake you up.).