Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第九天 Episode9 – Relaxing, the Mail, and the Trash

Episode9 – Relaxing, the Mail, and the Trash

With the dinner dishes done, my wife and I each sit down on the couch to chill out( means to relax. Sometimes if someone is very excited, you may say, “Hey, chill out,” means relax, don’t be so excited. You will also hear just the word chill. “Hey, chill,” that’s informal for relax, don’t be so excited. You will also hear people say, “I’m just chilling.” which means I’m just relaxing. Again, that’s very informal.) and watch the national news ( also be called a newscast)which comes on at 6:30.

During the newscast, I sort through (means that I am looking at today’s mail and usually I am separating it )the day’s mail. Most of it is junk mail (you get that you don’t want.)and bills. There are also several fliers(an announcement or an advertisement ) for houses for sale in the area.

I check the front stoop( is the stairs in front of your house,Often this word is used when we are talking about large buildings – apartment
buildings or condominium buildings) and see that there are no packages.

I like to watch TV and my wife likes to watch reality shows(a type of television show where they have a competition or a contest,“Big Brother” and “American Idol” are two examples of popular reality shows).

One thing I hate is having to watch all of the commercials(an announcement or an advertisement), so I turn the sound down (lower the volume)when they come on.

After the show is over, I thumb through (means to look through something,You’re sort of looking but you’re not necessarily reading very carefully)the latest issue of the Atlantic Monthly(a monthly magazine in the United States), while my wife reads a novel (fictional book)by her favorite mystery writer.

At around 9, I remember that tomorrow is trash day(the day that the garbage trucks come by and take the trash away),

【 In Los Angeles we have a public trash service, so that the government has trucks that it sends out, and it picks up your trash – it takes your trash and puts it into the truck, and then takes it away. That is trash day. In my neighborhood it is on Fridays and every neighborhood is different, they do a different part of the city each day.

so I take the kitchen garbage(another word for trash,we sometimes talk about garbage that is trash in the kitchen in particular) out and dump the recycling bins as well. I roll the trash container out to the street ready for the garbage trucks, which come by early in the morning.

【In Los Angeles, we have a recycling bin where you can put your newspapers and other things that they can use again -they can recycle. A bin is just another name for a box, usually a plastic box. In my city, we have trash containers that you can roll; they have little wheels on them. Each container has a different color. In my case, black is the color for trash; blue is the color for recycling trash, so newspapers, for example; and green is where you put things like leaves and grass, things that you have in your – outside of your house that you want to get rid of, that are plants, that sort of thing.】


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