Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第七天 Episode 7 – The Commute Home and Running Errands

Episode 7 – The Commute(means driving back and forth from your house to your work. ) Home and Running Errands( means to do something, usually something outside of your house. For example, going to the grocery store, going to the drug store, stopping by the post office to mail a letter, these are things that you have to do that are not part of your work but that you need to do in your daily life. And, we call these things errands, and the verb is to run an errand.)

It’s five o’clock and it’s quitting time(the timethat you stop working). I put a few files into my bag, grab my mug, and say goodnight to the rest of the people in my area(If you work at a big company, usually you are divided into smaller groups that work on the same topic. So, there is an accounting section and there is a sales section.).

I go to the parking garage and get into my car. I signal (in a car it means to turn on what we call the blinker,The blinker is what indicates whether you are going to turn left or right. So, when you are driving your car and you want to make a turn, you have to signal, are you going left or are you going right. And of course, in the back of the car, there’s a little light that goes on and off, we would say it flashes,  To flash means to go on and off quickly.) my turn onto the street and drive toward the freeway onramp.

I merge (means to go from two lanes to one lane, and you have to go into and combine with another lane of traffic.)as best as I can onto the freeway, which is always a bit of (meaning a little bit – somewhat of a problem)a hassle(the same as a problem) at this hour.Traffic is stop-and-go (the traffic is moving very slowly)all the way from downtown.

I hear on the radio (drive time traffic report)that there’s a stalled car(if you are on the freeway and your car stalls, Normally, you try to get your car onto the shoulder,the part of the freeway where you can stop your car)in fast lane(the far left lane) near La Brea, backing up traffic(When we say there is a backup on the freeway,we mean that the cars are moving very slowly or they’re stopped, usually because there’s an accident, there’s construction) all the way to Hoover.

I decide to get off the freeway and to take surface streets (mean the roads and streets that are not the freeway or the highway)for the rest of the trip. I need to make a stop on the way home.

I know that the fridge( a short way of saying refrigerator) is empty, so I decide to stop by the market(the supermarket, a smaller market what we might call a corner market).

I get there and I pick up some French bread, a bag of apples, a few bananas, some pasta, tomato sauce, and a cooked chicken.

Luckily, they have a lot of checkout stands (the place where you pay for your food)open, and I get through the line pretty quickly.

I thank the cashier (the person who takes my money,and the bagger,the person who puts your groceries into a paper bag or a plastic bag)and the bagger and push my cart (sometimes called a shopping cart, a little like a big box – metal box with wheels on it)to my car. I open the trunk and load everything up(put things into).

Just then my wife calls me on my cell phone. She was going to be a little late getting home and asks me to make something for dinner. Tonight, I will be the cook.

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