Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第六天 Episode 6 – At My Desk, on Break, and at Lunch

On the way to the office, I was thinking about what I have on my agenda today.

When I get to my desk, there is a stack of new memos (short for memorandum)and papers in my inbox.

When I turn on my computer, I see at least two-dozen emails I need to go through.

Just as I start in on (means to begin to do something)the email, my phone rings. It’s my project manager, Julie, asking me to come in for a conference call with our head office(it’s sometimes called its headquarters. The head office is the main office. The opposite of head office would be a branch office).【start in on someone means that you are criticizing them】

I don’t get back to my desk for nearly two hours. By that time, I was ready for a break.

At 10:30, I head down(We sometimes use head down when we are talking about going to a different place. “I’m going to head down to the boss’s office” – I’m going to go over to the boss’s office.) to the break room and get some hot water at the water cooler(the water cooler, is very common. When people say, “I heard it at the water cooler,” or “around the water cooler,” that usually refers to people who are gossiping) to make some tea.

There were a couple of other people on break, having snacks( is a piece of food that you eat between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner, or between dinnerand going to bed. ) out of the vending machine (a big machine where you can buy, usually, food.)and reading the new notices on the bulletin board.

I run into ( means I meet him although I was not expecting to meet him. )Sam, one of my friends at work, and we chat a little before going back to work.

Before long(means a short time or after a short time. ), it’s time for lunch. I usually bring my lunch with me to work and eat it at my desk.

If I don’t have time to pack a lunch, I sometimes go across the street for some take-out.(take out,dine in,delivery)

The only trouble is, it’s always so busy during the lunch hour and I always have to stand in line(In England, they would say to queue).

That’s usually a pain( a pain in the neck or a pain in the butt means it’s not something that you like, it’s very inconvenient.). On Fridays, I usually go out to lunch with a few friends from work.

On casual Fridays(is the same as informal), we can kick back ( take it easy also means relax. Kick back is a little more informal; )a little and take it easy.

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