Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第五天 Episode 5 – The Commute to Work

The Commute (means to go from your house to your work)to Work

I open my car door (If you have a car that has a back seat, you could have a two-door car or a four-door car. )and throw my briefcase in the back seat(the passenger seats and the driver’s seat.), and get comfortable for my drive.

I put my coffee mug(is just a big cup) into the cup holder, put the keys in the ignition(is the part of the car that starts the engine.v.ignite), find the gas pedal(is something you use to control with your feet usually the speed of something. ), and start the car.

My wife drove the car last night, so I have to re-adjust (means to adjust again)the rear view mirror ( on your windshield, on the top in
the middle.)and the side mirrors(mirrors on the side of the car).(The front window of your car is called your windshield)

I turn on the radio to listen to the drive time( is the time of day when most people are either going to work or coming back from work.) traffic report.

I take the transmission (is the part of the car that determines how fast you go)out of park and into reverse(To go into reverse means to go backwards), back out(means to go backwards.) into the driveway(is what connects the garage to the street) into the street, close the garage door, and put the car into drive( it means I’m putting it in a gear that will take me forward).(They drive off the street )

I used to drive a stick shift(manual transmission), but as I get older, I like my automatic transmission more and more.【 Some people say, “I drive a stick,” they mean, “I drive a stick shift.”】【we said that a pedal can be a gas pedal – something that makes you go faster. You also have a brake pedal that will slow or stop your car. And, if you have a stick shift, you have a third pedal, which we call the clutch, “clutch.” And, in order to change
from one gear to another, to go faster or slower or to go into reverse,】

I usually take the freeway to the office, so I get on the onramp( is what connects the street to the freeway) for the freeway and drive to where I have to get off.【So, just like a driveway connects the street to your garage, an onramp connects the street to the freeway. The opposite of an onramp would be, of course, an off ramp, and that’s where you go off of the freeway and back to the street.】

My office is only a few miles from the exit( emergency exit). I pull into the parking garage, swiping my key card to get in.

I park, grab my briefcase and coffee, and head toward (means to walk in that direction or move in that direction. )the elevator. And that only took 40 minutes!

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