Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第四天 Episode 4 – Getting Dressed & Ready for Work

Episode 4 – Getting Dressed & Ready for Work

I go back into my bedroom and open up my closet (a place where you keep things)door.

I have about 30 dress shirts(=for nice pants that you would wear to work,usually has a collar on it ≠casual shirt), 10 pairs of pants(Pants are what you put on your legs. Dress pants for nice pants that you would wear to work.), a half-dozen ties, and some sweaters( usually put a sweater over your shirt so that you can be warm), suit(refers to a formal set of clothing for, in this case, a man) jackets(a suit jacket is part of a suit.), and t-shirts( a plain shirt that you usually wear underneath a dress shirt.).[t-shirt -> shirt -> jacket]

I pull out a clean pair of socks and underwear(cover butt or rear,two basic styles:boxer underwear or boxer shorts and briefs), and then decide which shirt I’m going to wear today.

I’m terrible at color coordinating(means you wear things that have similar or matching colors. ), so I usually bring my wife in at this point to help match my shirt and pants.

I put on my belt( is what you use to keep your pants from falling down) with the silver buckle ( usually is the piece of metal in the front that connects the belt so it forms a circle around your body. )and polish( means to clean and to make shiny) my shoes.

I put my cell phone(cellular) and car keys in my front pocket, and my wallet in the back one.

I put on my glasses and check myself means to look at yourselfin the mirror to make sure I look okay, and then go into the home office to get my bag.

I used to carry a more traditional briefcase, but now I just use my computer bag to hold my laptop and my papers.

Now it’s back into the kitchen to grab my Thermos on the way out (means that you are about to leave or you are leaving your house)the door.

on the way out :Some money may call you on the phone and you are getting ready to go to dinner, you could say, “I can’t talk right now, I’m on my way out the door,” means I’m just getting ready to leave.】

I lock the door and then hurry to my car in the garage([gəˈrɑ:ʒ;]). I’m usually running late(means behind your schedule,the same as to be late or to be tardy, Usually tardy is only used in school. ) and today is no exception!

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