Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第三天 Episode 3 – Eating Breakfast

Episode 3 – Eating Breakfast

I walk into my kitchen and turn on the coffeemaker(the coffee filter, and the coffee pot,throw out the coffee grounds).

I always put the coffee, filter, and water in the night before so it’s ready to go.

Next, I open the door of the cupboard([‘kʌbɚd]) where the cereal is stored.

I would love to have ham and eggs for breakfast every morning(a very heavy breakfast meaning there’s lots of fat and there’s lots of food), or maybe a stack of waffles(batter ->waffle iron or flat pan ->waffle  or pancake),(the best syrup comes from maple leaf trees called maple syrup;If you go to arestaurant and you order breakfast and you want pancakes, sometimes they will ask you if want a “short stack,” meaning just one or two, or you might have a regular stack, which could be four or five. ) but the truth is that I just don’t have the time to cook.

So, I pour myself a bowl of cereal and put in a glass of skim milk( you have whole milk, which has the most fat; you have two percent milk, which has somewhat less fat; you can have one percent, which is even less fat; or you can have fat free, or skim, milk, which has little or no fat at all. ), making sure I take a spoon out of the silverware ( the knife, the fork, and the spoon together;Other people in a restaurant may call them utensils.)tray(tray is a place where you put the silverware).

I go outside and pick up my newspaper, and sit down at the kitchen table. I love reading the paper in the morning, though usually I just have time to read a few of the stories.

When I’ve finished my cereal, I grab(take something, usually with your hand) a banana and maybe make a slice(slice is a piece of toast) of toast(the toaster heats up the bread until the bread is brown on the outside.) with jam(We would say we spread the jam on the toast. ).

I rinse off ( clean something with water)my breakfast dishes in the sink and put them in the dishwasher(“Oh, do you have a dishwasher,” and you say, “Yes, I am the dishwasher.”).

By that time, my coffee is ready so I pour (cereal isn’t liquid, but it is something that you can put into another container, in this case, into a bowl, and it comes out of the bigger container and into the smaller container. )myself a cup(So,we use that verb usually when we talk about liquid things like water or milk, but you can also use it when we talk about cereal.) and put the rest in a Thermos for work.

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