Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第二天 Episode 2 – Cleaning Up

Episode 2 – Cleaning Up

I go into my bathroom sometime around 6:45 a.m.

My sink(also with faucet and drain) and medicine cabinet are on the left when you enter my bathroom.

The toilet(When you are done using the toilet, you then flush the toilet.) is next to that, with the tub in front.

Anyway(as I was saying), I turn on the lights, and try to find the mouthwash in the medicine cabinet.

I pour a small amount into a cup, swish(swish something around means to move it around, and we use that verb usually whe talking about something that is liquid like water or mouthwash that you move back and forth very quickly. ) it around for 30 seconds, gargle[Gargling sound], and spit[spitting sound]. Not pleasant, but necessary. Then I get out the floss.

When I’m done flossing(I’m finished flossing), I pull out the toothbrush and the toothpaste(squeeze the tube to get toothpaste out). I brush(brush teeth not clean teeth, and also brush hair) and then it’s off to the shower(showerhead,faucet,faucet spout).

I pull the shower curtain aside, step into the tub, and pull the curtain back. I turn on both the hot and the cold water, looking for the perfect temperature.

I lather up with soap(means to mix the soap with water and make bubbles so that it spreads across your skin), put some shampoo in my hair, then rinse(means to take water and get rid of the soap and the shampoo that are on your body) and dry off.

Now it’s shaving time(If you are a man and you don’t shave, you will grow a beard and a mustache,whisker is the name we give the hair on your face:mustache 上嘴唇的胡须,像卓别林那种 beard :男人下颚、两颊及喉头的毛发,比whisker还要向下 一点 whisker 络腮胡,男人脸颊及下巴上的毛发). I used to own an electric razor(A razor is like a knife, it has a blade), but I found it didn’t shave close enough. So now I’m back to the old hand razor. I lather up with shaving cream, and I start to shave.

I rinse the razor and throw the disposable blades(If something is disposable, you use it once or twice and then you it throw away) in the trash. It’s about 7:00 AM, and I’m on to breakfast.


Turn on the lights -> open the medicine cabinet-> swish mouthwash  aroud -> gargle -> spit-> get out floss-> pull out toothbrush & toothpaste(brush teeth) -> pull the shower curtain aside ->step into the tub -> pull the curtain back -> turn on the water -> lather up with soap -> shampoo->rinse -> dry off -> shave with electric razor & hand razor ->lather up with shaving cream->shave-> rinse the razor -> throw the disposable blazes ->breakfast.

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