Day in the Life of Jeff-学习第一天 Episode 1 – Getting Up

接下来的几天内我们将学习jeff的一天,感谢ESLpod(English as a Second Language Podcast)为我们这些英语学习者们提供了这么好的资料。

Episode 1 – Getting Up

The worst part of the day for me is definitely when I have to get up.Waking up, that I can handle( to deal with). But getting up? That, I hate.

The covers( the layers of fabric that cover a bed; the cloth material that covers a bed and that keep one warm) I have on my bed are heavy, mostly because I have a comforter( the top-most, thickest cover for a bed, usually made of feathers or
other warm material) as well as a light blanket(a thin cover for a bed).

I sleep with two pillows, which for some reason have different color pillowcases. Well, at least the sheets( two pieces of large, thin fabric placed on a bed – one to lie on and one to lie under) match.

I sometimes wake up before the alarm goes off(make a loud noise very suddenly). I like to keep the alarm at a low volume, with some classical music, nothing too jarring. My old roommate used to like the terrible buzzeran electronic device that makes a long, continuous buzzing sound,
similar to that of a flying insect like a fly)
 that you find on most alarm clocks nowadays, which always used to drive me nuts(make someone angry, irritated, or crazy).

As I was saying(You interrupt yourself when you are talking, and then you want to go back to your original topic), I sometimes wake up before the alarm, usually because of some noise outside the house—a car door slammingclose the
door usually very quickly and make a loud noise. )
, an alarm going off, gunfire—well, okay, not gunfire, but man, is my neighborhood noisy!( “man,” is just away of expressing your emotion when you are saying something that you really
mean or really want to emphasize. “Man, is my neighborhood noisy,” that means my neighborhood is very noisy.)

Of course, when I’m staying in a hotel, it’s usually easier to just get a wake up call from the hotel than set the alarm.

I’m not really an early riser, so I don’t jump out of bed ready to take on the world(“To take on the world,” means I’m ready for the day. It’s an expression we use to say that I am ready to go out into the world and do my best. ). I get up very slowly, usually one foot on the floor at a time.

Every once in awhile I’ll oversleep(Sleep longer than you wanted to), but not too often. I really love the weekends, when I can sleep in(to sleep later than usual).